"Anne was a rare phenomenon, a self made woman. But then, this became her demise. The machinations of court were an absolute minefield for women. And she was a challenging personality, who wouldn’t be quiet and shut up when she had something to say."

- Natalie Dormer, quoted by Susan Bordo in ‘The creation of Anne Boleyn’.

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 proud space dad 

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You’re smarter than the usual UNIT grunts, I’ll give you that.

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I just know I’m running. Sometimes it’s like I’ve lived a thousand lives in a thousand places. I’m born, I live, I die. And always, there’s the Doctor. Always I’m running to save the Doctor. Again and again and again. And he hardly ever hears me. But I’ve always been there. Right from the very beginning. Right from the day he started running.

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Asami in the book 4 opening

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December 25th in the Harry Potter World

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Why do you fly off in the box with him? Because, it’s amazing. Because, I see wonders.

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There’s something wrong with him. It’s like, you know, in the past I’ve always been able to follow his thoughts. And now everything just feels disconnected.

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